Enjoy the scenic 20 minute plane ride over Jeffreys bay, followed by the rush and excitement from jumping out of an aircraft over Jeffreys bay from 9000ft. 30 seconds freefall at 200kph and a 5 minute parachute ride. Our experienced instructors have a minimum of 1000 skydives.



Tandem Skydive 9000ft                    R2400

Tandem Skydive 10000ft                  R2850

Tandem Skydive 14000ft                  R3200

*Only available until 13th April 2019. 11000ft thereafter.

Beach landing (extra)                         R550



  • Handycam                   R550

Your instructor films your whole experience with two wrist mounted go pro's. One for video, one for stills.

  • External camera          R1050

A professional skydiving videographer jumps with the tandem and flies around it to get an outside and close up perspective. He uses an Canon SLR for high definition still. Definitely recommended.

  • Camera delux              R1500

Our editor will combine the footage of handycam and external camera into a super edit, getting all the possible angles!


After 24hrs your photos and video will be sent to you via a google drive link. All our videos and are in HD (1920x1080) and ready to be shared on facebook and youtube. Photos are 12mp.




We have a weight limitation of 100kg

For any other skydiving questions please see our FAQs.


Book your skydive today! For any other information please email  or call 0726622150