Why Tandem?
A Tandem skydive is an excellent way to experience skydiving, without hours of training. We advise that, unless however you are looking to become a qualified skydiver, the Tandem is the most suitable course. If you get the bug for skydiving you could also consider an static line course.

Is there an age restriction ?

The minimum age to skydive in the South Africa is 16. Under 18’s must obtain parental consent.

Is there a weight restriction ?

Tandem skydives have a standard weight limit of 100kg. If you are over this weight limit please contact us for further information.

Can I skydive if i’m disabled ?
Disability is not necessarily a barrier. Tandem skydiving has made it possible for many disabled people to experience the sport. An assessment can be made at the dropzone.

I wear spectacles/contact lenses, will this be a problem ?

No. Goggles are worn by all skydivers and these will keep your spectacles or contact lenses protected and firmly in place.

What if i’m affraid of heights ?
This is a very common question. Many people who have come along to skydive have believed they have a fear of heights. We all have a natural awareness that heights can be dangerous. Unlike standing at the top of a cliff , or at the top of a ladder you will have no real comprehension of how high you are.

Can you breathe in freefall ?
Yes you can breath normally.

How do I book ?
Email info@skydivejeffreysbay.co.za or call 072 6622 150.

What about medical cover?

Our aircraft, equipment and instructors are extremely well maintained, qualified and have thousands of jumps worth of experience. Injuries are rare but they can happen. We suggest checking you are covered with you medical insurance.

What if the weather is unsuitable ?
All aviation activity is dependant on suitable weather conditions. Rain, heavy low cloud or high winds can all prevent skydiving. If you cannot complete your skydive due to weather conditions you will be able to arrange another date at no extra cost. If that is not possible for you we will happily give you a full refund.

What should I wear ?

Lace up trainers or flat soled shoes are ideal. Snug fitting clothing and perhaps a layer or two if you are jumping early in the morning.

What time should I arrive?

All booking times are arrival times. Your jump is normally 1 hr after arrival time but please put aside a few hours.

Can I bring spectators or pets ?

Yes, you can bring as many spectators as you wish. Unfortunately no pets are allowed.

How safe is skydiving ?

Thousands of people skydive in South Africa every year. Skydiving is an adventure sport and as a result there are risks attached. However, compared to other adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing etc. skydiving has far less injuries. Safety procedures are strictly monitored by Instructors and PASA (Parachute Association South Africa).

What happens if my parachute doesn’t open ?
It is very rare that “you chute doesn’t open”. It is more likely that you main canopy is partially open. All skydivers carry both a main and a reserve parachute. If the main parachute malfunctions your Instructor will operate his reserve canopy. In addition to this there is a devise known as Automatic Activation Device (AAD), which would open your reserve canopy automatically if either parachute were not deployed.

Can i have my skydive filmed ?

Yes, all our instructors are able to film your skydive with two wide angle GoPro’s. One for video and one for Stills. We have an editor on site who will put together a short edit. Your video link and photos will be sent to you within 24hrs ready to download.

When are you open ?

7 days a week, weather permitting.

Anything else you need to know ?

Please feels feel to contact us with any question or query and we will be happy to help.