Year round operation.

  • Cherokee 6 slot prices:

10 000ft R340

9000ft R300

6000ft R250

4500ft R220

R3500ft R180

Student Static line R450

Student Freefall R500

 Jeffreys Bay Boogie 20th Dec - 3rd Jan 2018

  • Aircraft: Atlas Angel
  • R250 registration
  • 13000ft every load

Jump ticket packages:

- Individual ticket      - R350

- 10x tickets              - R3200

 Load Organising

Freefly Load organising

  •      André du Preez, Jean Jacques Wallis, Alexis McNaughton and
  •      R800 coach tickets (includes both slots and coach fee)
  •      Dynamic angle dives, VFS, big way head up and head down jumps.