Year round operation.

  • Cherokee 6 slot prices:

10 000ft R340

9000ft R300

6000ft R250

4500ft R220

R3500ft R180

Student Static line R450 (all inclusive)

Student Freefall R500 (all inclusive)

Packing R40 (payable direct to packer)

Gear rental R120

Temporary PASA membership R250



Jeffreys Bay Boogie 20th Dec - 3rd Jan 2018

  • Aircraft: Atlas Angel
  • R250 registration
  • 13000ft every load

Jump ticket packages:

- Individual ticket      - R350

- 10x tickets              - R3200


 Load Organising

Freefly Load organising and coaching

  •      André du Preez, Jean Jacques Wallis, Alexis McNaughton and Brandon Rothero
  •      R800 coach tickets (includes both slots and coach fee)
  •      Dynamic angle dives, VFS, big way head up and head down jumps.